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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#139 way to 'push' changes to UIs or instances joe enhancement highest (unfiled) 1.2
#168 monitoring of JSOC nodes jennifer enhancement high (unfiled) 1.2
#183 SDO Level 1 data going to age off alisdair concern high DP:SDO 1.2
#3 Clean up CSS support joe task normal UserInterface 1.2
#13 update MLSO data provider niles defect normal DP:MLSO
#14 Provider Documentation jennifer task normal DataProvider
#68 Search on last modified date joe enhancement normal (unfiled)
#75 How do we return data that's _not_ a file? joe concern normal GetData
#80 save catalog searches alisdair enhancement normal Catalogs
#90 HLH south pole data joe enhancement normal DP:SHA
#96 New data from China alisdair task normal DataProvider
#98 EM Spectral Range standards alisdair task normal DataModel
#99 getting ACE data alisdair task normal DataProvider
#127 Nobeyama data alisdair task normal DataProvider 1.2
#130 alternate range matching joe concern normal DataProvider 1.2
#133 search for 'closest' record. igor task normal UserInterface 1.2
#134 spatial searches jennifer enhancement normal UserInterface 1.2
#137 EIT is not FULL_DISK for all observations joe defect normal DP:SDAC 1.2
#140 better labels for info. urls joe enhancement normal UserInterface 1.2
#154 GOES 13 data coming online soon joe enhancement normal DP:NGDC 1.2
#158 Add NSO data to the VSO igor enhancement normal DP:NSO 1.4
#162 'near' support in data providers joe enhancement normal DataProvider 1.2
#166 Cart API igor enhancement normal Cart 1.2
#169 IDL vso_get -- incorrect size returned alisdair defect normal IDLClient 1.2
#172 Extra size check for JSOC tarballs joe enhancement normal DP:JSOC 1.2
#173 Create 'Data Landing Pages' joe task normal Registry 1.2
#174 Thumbnails for STEREO joe enhancement normal DP:SSC 1.2
#175 Thumbnails for SDAC_AIA joe enhancement normal DP:SDAC 1.2
#176 thumbnails for JSOC data joe enhancement normal DP:JSOC 1.2
#178 Re-enable Stanford Heliophysics Archive in VSO joe task normal DP:SHA 1.2
#179 JMD should notice and react to 403 codes niles enhancement normal JMD 1.2
#180 Put JMD priorities in order niles concern normal JMD 1.2
#181 SUMS orphan file and record cleanups niles task normal DP:JSOC 1.2
#182 Create new SOLIS data search web site niles task normal DP:NSO 1.2
#184 Scanned Sac Peak film optical solar data niles task normal DP:NSO 1.2
#185 Catalog updates jennifer task normal Catalogs 1.2
#189 Collect statistics jonathan enhancement normal AccessLog 1.2
#190 Testing availability of data providers alisdair enhancement normal DataProvider 1.2
#191 Make an AIA Movie Data Provider jennifer task normal DataProvider 1.2
#192 Create dedicated site for YLA with updated Yohkoh data alisdair task normal DataProvider 1.2
#193 NGDC issues. alisdair defect normal DP:NGDC 1.2
#194 H-Alpha data sources alisdair concern normal DataProvider 1.2
#195 Improve all our documentation jennifer task normal Documentation 1.2
#196 Annoying header on scrolling long list of records found. Header should be static instead of constantly redrawing. jennifer task normal FormBuilder 1.2
#198 Retrieve only headers for FITS files, not full FITS alisdair enhancement normal GetData 1.2
#199 Update data providers in CVS jonathan task normal DataProvider 1.2
#200 Provider-specific keyword searching alisdair enhancement normal Registry 1.2
#201 Create an IDL to java bridge example that passes and receives a array of strings igor enhancement normal IDLClient 1.2
#210 add Sac Peak DLSP data niles task normal DP:NSO 1.2
#243 Instrument specific searches should be accessible from within VSO niles enhancement normal UserInterface 1.2
#76 Turn the catalogs into web services alisdair enhancement low Catalogs
#79 allow multiple views in the catalog screens alisdair enhancement low Catalogs
#116 Dutch Open Telescope alisdair task low DataProvider 1.2
#72 description of our holdings in SPASE joe task lowest Documentation

Status: closed (46 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#129 web UI web searches ignoring 'wavemin' joe defect highest UserInterface 1.2
#156 Wiki is broken -- need to fix it. joe defect highest Website 1.2
#159 GUI GetData doesn't generate all urls igor defect highest GetData 1.4
#167 JSON API for updated webUI joe enhancement highest Core 1.2
#186 Move CVS from solarch machine to vso machine igor task highest Core 1.2
#123 LASP (U. Colorado) Data Provider joe task high DataProvider 1.2
#128 NGDC not returning correct results for spectral range searches joe defect high DP:NGDC 1.2
#164 IDL 8 : vso_get breaks joe defect high IDLClient 1.2
#197 Back up the wiki igor task high Documentation 1.2
#1 Install AccessLog component everywhere somebody defect normal component1
#2 Install AccessLog component everywhere niles defect normal AccessLog
#4 Reorganize cvs/vso/UserInterfaces joe defect normal UserInterface
#6 Fix the installer for VSO::Config joe defect normal Config
#8 Consolidate Time/etc input validation functions igor defect normal Utils
#9 Finish TranslateVersion joe defect normal TranslateVersion
#10 Test WSDL support with 'lax' parsing rules. joe defect normal Core
#15 Clean up website: joe task normal Website
#16 Fix the FormBuilder installer. joe defect normal FormBuilder
#19 Images in 'logo' directory igor defect normal UserInterface
#21 New Providers Requested: joe defect normal (unfiled)
#22 New Providers Requested: joe defect normal (unfiled)
#23 Find a better name for 'HIRES' extent type rick defect normal DataModel
#24 RHESSI files need summary files to be useful. jennifer concern normal (unfiled)
#25 Finish the links to instrument specific pages. joe defect normal Documentation
#26 Change ? help links to normal links where possible joe defect normal UserInterface
#28 GONG:Learmonth:LOS_velocity. frank defect normal DP:NSO
#30 New FAQ questions joe defect normal Documentation
#32 Request Data Button -- is a link. igor defect normal Cart
#33 Show the file size in the grid. igor defect normal UserInterface
#34 add a 'New User' Interface joe enhancement normal Documentation
#35 Add architecture documentation to website. joe defect normal Documentation
#36 A way to track 'my' shopping cards. igor defect normal Central Server
#37 A way to 'publish cart' so that it's easily discoverable. igor defect normal Cart
#39 Get rid of 'on time' in multiple time selection joe defect normal FormBuilder
#42 LOS magnetogram not working? igor defect normal UserInterface
#43 Need a Solar Energetic Particle catalog alisdair defect normal Catalogs
#45 Quick 'all day' or 'all month' buttons to extend time range. joe defect normal UserInterface
#48 Fix thumbnail flakiness when not hi and low res. joe defect normal UserInterface
#50 Look over all of the help text. joe defect normal Documentation
#51 reduce overlapping queries joe enhancement normal UserInterface
#54 Provide information about the resolution of the images rick defect normal DataModel
#55 Grey out the observables that we don't have. joe defect normal FormBuilder
#56 Duplicated info? SHA:SOHO:MDI; LOS_velocity; karen defect normal DP:SHA
#57 Return the 'level' of the data (level 0 / 1 / >1): joe defect normal (unfiled)
#63 Bigger (more obvious?) notice about more records found than returned igor defect normal UserInterface
#64 Look over the EGSO (and other VxO) documentation joe defect normal Documentation
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