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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#264 Set up netdrms02 at NSO assigned niles problem highest
#304 Serve out NOAA's sun drawings (including Wendelstein) new niles problem highest
#305 NCEI data provider for GOES SXI data new niles new task highest
#306 NCEI archival drawings new niles new task highest
#326 October meeting agenda assigned niles new task highest
#340 vsoui not coping with decimal in wave range - core bug? new niles problem highest
#347 We need more backup disks new niles problem highest
#348 Issues with vso03 new niles problem highest
#349 Remote SUMS on netdrms02 new niles problem highest
#350 Configure software from vso03 on netdrms02 new niles problem highest
#311 Establish sun drawing history new niles new task high
#243 Instrument specific searches should be accessible from within VSO assigned niles enhancement normal Continuing Development
#307 SDAC GOES data new niles new task normal
#322 API for keywords new niles problem normal
#308 Web log into database new niles new task low
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