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#261 Send Dan Seaton DB Schema / Software Examples for GOES-R assigned alisdair enhancement highest
#304 Serve out NOAA's sun drawings (including Wendelstein) new niles problem highest
#274 Send Alexei Pevtsov link to data model for historic data accepted alisdair new task high
#303 HANET data provider appears to be broken accepted alisdair problem high
#325 Tom Bridgman reports an XML(?) error trying to retrieve data from GONG data provider. assigned ed problem high
#330 System monitoring at NSO new niles enhancement high
#331 Handling of fractional times is inconsistent between various VSO interfaces. new enhancement high Continuing Development
#351 Problem downloading AIA data from SDO6 (SDAC) using IDL client new alisdair problem high
#284 Need secure certificates for and accepted alisdair problem normal
#321 Address Dead Links on the Website new jacob problem normal
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