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#127 alisdair Ongoing assigned Nobeyama data
#202 alisdair Ongoing new Update SWAP data provider
#183 alisdair Ongoing assigned SDO Level 1 data going to age off
#200 alisdair Ongoing assigned Provider-specific keyword searching
#203 alisdair Ongoing closed duplicate Nobeyama data provider
#193 alisdair Ongoing assigned NGDC issues.
#207 alisdair Ongoing new YNST new data provider
#206 alisdair Ongoing new eclipse images @ HAO
#205 alisdair Ongoing new DOT data provider
#204 alisdair Ongoing new YLA update
#187 alisdair New Web Interface assigned Better worded error messages
#116 alisdair Ongoing assigned Dutch Open Telescope
#79 alisdair Ongoing assigned allow multiple views in the catalog screens
#76 alisdair Ongoing assigned Turn the catalogs into web services
#198 alisdair Ongoing assigned Retrieve only headers for FITS files, not full FITS
#194 alisdair Ongoing assigned H-Alpha data sources
#192 alisdair Ongoing assigned Create dedicated site for YLA with updated Yohkoh data
#190 alisdair Ongoing assigned Testing availability of data providers
#169 alisdair Ongoing assigned IDL vso_get -- incorrect size returned
#99 alisdair Ongoing assigned getting ACE data
#61 alisdair New Web Interface assigned Catalogs -- provide browse images
#98 alisdair Ongoing assigned EM Spectral Range standards
#96 alisdair Ongoing assigned New data from China
#80 alisdair Ongoing assigned save catalog searches
#62 alisdair assigned Time series of magnetograms
#49 alisdair assigned Information about the catalogs?
#44 alisdair assigned BATSE catalog
#53 alisdair New Web Interface assigned Ability to override the number of items returned
#111 alisdair Ongoing closed fixed catalog -- trap errors if can't open database
#43 alisdair Ongoing closed fixed Need a Solar Energetic Particle catalog
#253 ed new add COMP data (HAO)
#28 frank Ongoing closed fixed GONG:Learmonth:LOS_velocity.
#188 gurman Ongoing new Quicklook data better advertised
#197 igor Ongoing closed fixed Back up the wiki
#186 igor Ongoing closed fixed Move CVS from solarch machine to vso machine
#230 igor new Update NSO WebUI to 1.4
#229 igor Ongoing new add Kitt Peak helioseismometer data
#209 igor Ongoing new more SOLIS data
#208 igor new ISOON new data provider
#151 igor Ongoing new New Provider: Swedish 1m telescope
#201 igor Ongoing assigned Create an IDL to java bridge example that passes and receives a array of strings
#166 igor Ongoing assigned Cart API
#158 igor Ongoing assigned Add NSO data to the VSO
#133 igor Ongoing assigned search for 'closest' record.
#171 igor Ongoing closed fixed Export URLs in GUI show provider
#159 igor Ongoing closed fixed GUI GetData doesn't generate all urls
#160 igor Ongoing closed fixed Add WSDL documentation to vso Wiki
#157 igor Ongoing closed fixed Test re-install ticket notification
#113 igor wait for funding closed fixed summary interface
#73 igor wait for funding closed wontfix Ability to return metadata results in VOtable format.
#52 igor wait for funding closed fixed Cadence searches
#20 igor wait for funding closed wontfix Derived values
#114 igor Senior Review 2005 closed fixed GetData interface not passing the CART id to the provider
#112 igor STEREO launch closed wontfix Provider specific information display
#121 igor Ongoing closed fixed downloading a cart -- clarity of links
#110 igor Ongoing closed fixed cart -- show file size for URL downloads?
#106 igor Ongoing closed fixed grid -- when multipage -- 'next' page link at bottom
#100 igor Ongoing closed fixed need to press 'request data' twice
#93 igor Ongoing closed fixed bad SOLIS thumbnails
#86 igor Ongoing closed fixed "Track Your Request" Link
#83 igor Ongoing closed wontfix Colors for submit buttons
#82 igor Ongoing closed invalid Add NSO data
#69 igor Ongoing closed fixed Nicknames of events
#63 igor Ongoing closed fixed Bigger (more obvious?) notice about more records found than returned
#149 igor Ongoing closed fixed Mount Wilson CaK DataProvider
#147 igor Ongoing closed wontfix VSO perl GUI templating and framework
#146 igor Ongoing closed wontfix VSO implementation of VOTables
#148 igor Ongoing closed fixed script to extract stats from CARTs
#42 igor Ongoing closed fixed LOS magnetogram not working?
#37 igor Ongoing closed fixed A way to 'publish cart' so that it's easily discoverable.
#36 igor Ongoing closed fixed A way to track 'my' shopping cards.
#33 igor Ongoing closed fixed Show the file size in the grid.
#19 igor Ongoing closed fixed Images in 'logo' directory
#8 igor Ongoing closed fixed Consolidate Time/etc input validation functions
#92 igor Ongoing closed fixed problem getting NSO->FTS data
#32 igor Ongoing closed fixed Request Data Button -- is a link.
#168 jennifer Ongoing assigned monitoring of JSOC nodes
#217 jennifer closed fixed HMI data needs NetDRMS 7 or > at SDAC
#185 jennifer Ongoing assigned Catalog updates
#24 jennifer Ongoing closed fixed RHESSI files need summary files to be useful.
#196 jennifer Ongoing assigned Annoying header on scrolling long list of records found. Header should be static instead of constantly redrawing.
#195 jennifer Ongoing assigned Improve all our documentation
#191 jennifer Ongoing assigned Make an AIA Movie Data Provider
#134 jennifer Ongoing assigned spatial searches
#14 jennifer Ongoing assigned Provider Documentation
#51 joe Ongoing closed fixed reduce overlapping queries
#232 joe closed fixed IRIS data provider 500
#236 joe closed fixed ISOON from NSO but not from SDAC
#246 joe closed fixed LMSAL not in UI list
#251 joe new ssc_tarball error messages
#250 joe new ssc -- check recovery dates for STEREO-A
#249 joe new ssc -- impact / plastic / filename parsing
#248 joe new sohocat -- indexing
#247 joe new SOT ingest -- run as a transaction
#245 joe Ongoing new force webui_config server to be an array
#244 joe Ongoing new SolRAD 11 A/B data
#177 joe Ongoing closed fixed Re-enable Stanford MDI data served by VSO
#18 joe assigned Data Provider / Instance monitoring
#242 joe new Update registry w/ end dates.
#241 joe new Fix IRIS data provider
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