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alisdair (22 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#183 SDO Level 1 data going to age off DP:SDO Ongoing concern major 05/29/14

SDO LMSAL is about to stop having enough disk to save Level 1 aia data. It will have to be recomputed from Level 0 on request with no particular deadline. How soon and then do we want to do anything about that?

#44 BATSE catalog Catalogs task normal 06/08/05

add the BATSE catalog (see umbra)

#49 Information about the catalogs? Catalogs enhancement normal 06/08/05
Information about the catalogs?
    (what the fields are, how they're calculated, etc.)

#53 Ability to override the number of items returned Core New Web Interface enhancement normal 06/08/05

Ability to override the number of items returned

#61 Catalogs -- provide browse images Catalogs New Web Interface enhancement normal 06/08/05
Catalogs -- provide browse images
    eg, the GOES 3 second data related to the entries.

#62 Time series of magnetograms DataModel task normal 06/08/05

Time series of magnetograms

(I'm not sure if this was something needed (ie, the data was needed, or it's a missing element from the data model)

#80 save catalog searches Catalogs Ongoing enhancement normal 06/09/05

To be able to save catalog searches into a cart?? or at least the search history

#96 New data from China DataProvider Ongoing task normal 06/09/05

Dear VSO scientist Frank Hill: I am from Huairou Solar Observing Station, National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Science. We are interesting in VSO and want to connect our data with VSO. What do you think about it? We started observation from 1986. By now, our data contain: CaII, full disk H-alpha image, photospheric magnetogram and filtergram, chromospheric magnetogram and filtergram, H-beta filtergram, H-alpha filtergram. In Huairou observing station, there also are solar radio observed data,containing 10.7cm,1.0-2.0GHz,2.6-3.8GHz,5.2-7.6GHz. Our WWW site are: http://sun.bao.ac.cn, http://srg.bao.ac.cn, http://www.nao.ac.cn

#98 EM Spectral Range standards DataModel Ongoing task normal 06/09/05

Hello all, welcome back to the spectral range discussion that never ends.

I recently found out about a proposed ISO standard, "ISO 21348: Process for Determining Solar Irradiances Compliance", that includes a table of spectral domains. I've attached the table to this email and the full proposed standard can be found at: http://www.spacewx.com/ISO_solar_standard.html

I've prepared a couple tables that compare the domain ranges in this proposed standard to the EGSO and VSO spectral domain definitions (did I get all the VSO spectral ranges?). This is included as a separate attachment. Most of the ranges are quite similar, with the biggest differences being the gamma-ray/X-ray boundary (0.002/0.025 nm in VSO/EGSO, 0.001 nm in ISO 21348), the microwave/radio boundary (1e9 nm in EGSO, 1.5e7 nm in ISO 21348), and the radio domain (0.1 mm to 100 m) that overlaps with both the IR and Microwave. Another oddity in ISO 21348 is the gap between X-ray and UV due to the fact that EUV isn't actually included in the UV range.

It might be good to have an real standard that defines the spectral ranges, but I'm not sure the proposed standard is quite right. Any comments on the idea of trying to converge the various spectral range systems to some common definition?

#99 getting ACE data DataProvider Ongoing task normal 06/09/05

talk to VHO and ACE science center about getting access to their data.

#127 Nobeyama data DataProvider Ongoing task normal 10/03/05

From an older e-mail from Frank:

Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 13:04:37 -0700
From: Frank Hill

Additional data provider requests:

Nobeyama radio data

#169 IDL vso_get -- incorrect size returned IDLClient Ongoing defect normal 11/05/10

might also be worth adding filename to the return structure, while I'm fixing it.

#187 Better worded error messages UserInterface New Web Interface enhancement normal 05/29/14

We need better worded messages about WHY there is no data available for a user. If we don’t serve data for a reason, we should say why, including when we are maintaining our agreement with a data provider.

“No records returned” – why?? DRMS throwing an error cannot percolate up, but there are other matters. Goes into complete re-write of Web UI.

#190 Testing availability of data providers DataProvider Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

Robustness of JSOC/SDO data providers – why aren’t I getting my data (e.g. ROB doesn’t carry my data and I can’t tell). “Best” site should be the default. Pull in user IP.

Steps: Robustness: Monitoring of NetDRMS instances - Joe

  1. Status CGI (get people to install), reporting – Joe, Jennifer
  2. Test daily file exports – diff the same file everywhere daily, -v for date lines. Alisdair and Jonathan (Joe will make a new file for data “endpoints” – eg KASI, including backup machines)

#192 Create dedicated site for YLA with updated Yohkoh data DataProvider Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Update Yohkoh data

#193 NGDC issues. DP:NGDC Ongoing defect normal 05/29/14

GOES NGDC data provider not working;

Need to find work around.

#194 H-Alpha data sources DataProvider Ongoing concern normal 05/29/14

There is a long list of H Alpha data sources, it might be nice to be able to get them. Same is true for Radio data. Check out HiRas?.

Data Provider backlog. Make a first pass to see what is even available, solar soft, fits, etc. No update. Consider grant money use.

#198 Retrieve only headers for FITS files, not full FITS GetData Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

2013 meeting: Can we just retrieve FITS header information? Command in Ftools “get head” (in C, cfitsio utility). Maybe it’s better for a provider to ask us specifically what kind of thing they are going to need to search on and add those fields.

Update 2014: We do need to do this because it is in fact useful to many different users.

  1. Determine what format is widely useful for returning headers? Can be opened by IDL, SunPY, other FITS reading routines.
  2. Need a testbed, start with XRT

#200 Provider-specific keyword searching Registry Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

Provider-specific keyword searching, either using IDL _extra flags or our web interface. Can we use registry for this?

#76 Turn the catalogs into web services Catalogs Ongoing enhancement normal 06/08/05
Turn the catalogs into web services
    (map the catalogs to an ontology, to make it easier
    to cross reference?)

#79 allow multiple views in the catalog screens Catalogs Ongoing enhancement normal 06/09/05

To allow multiple views in the catalog screens (useful for thumbnailing)

#116 Dutch Open Telescope DataProvider Ongoing task normal 07/13/05

So we don't lose track of it, I'm putting in some messages about the Dutch Open Telescope.

bug Joe (either one) if you need e-mail addresses or phone numbers for contact info.

>Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:02:48 +0100
>From: Peter Suetterlin <P.Suetterlin@[]>
>To: joseph.b.gurman@[]
>Subject: DOT data for the VSO
>   Dear Dr. Gurman,
>we, the Dutch Open Telescope (DOT, http://dot.astro.uu.nl) would like
>to make our data available/searchable via the VSO.  The web page
>encouraged to contact you on behalf of that.
>The DOT is a high-resolution tomographic imager that uses speckle
>masking post-processing to get (almost) diffraction limited
>filtergrams of the solar scenery strictly simultaneous in several
>spectral passbands.  In the near future we will also provide
>dopplergrams and polarity maps/magnetograms.
>So far the data are only stored on DVDs and a simple hand-made web
>page (http://hst33127.phys.uu.nl/DOT) allows to browse through
>available data.
>However, starting this year the data output of the DOT is expected to
>dramatically increase with the arrival of a cluster that allows
>overnight processing of up to 6 cameras * 8 hours of observations.
>Together with that we also intend to switch to an database system that
>keeps all observational results available online.  We are currently
>exploring the hard- and software specs for that.
>My questions in that context are:
>How exactly would the inclusion of the metadata into the VSO work? As
>I understand the VSO is a frontend to other systems, so we'd need a
>separate database system running to handle our data.  Would you have
>any recomendations on how to set-up such a system to make interaction
>with the VSO as simple as possible?  Or is it also possible to have
>the data being managed by the VSO exclusively?
>Christoph Keller (who will be head of our group starting in June)
>suggested that we might also run a full local instance of the VSO here
>in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  Do you see that as an option, too?  And
>if yes, what kind of hardware would be needed for it?  So far we
>intend to buy a ~5TB RAID system and a 1-U XEON 2.6GHz machine running
>Linux as database host (expandable with dual processor and up to 12GB
>memory).  Would that be sufficient?
>Sorry for the many questions :-/
>Best regards from Utrecht,
>   Pit

igor (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#133 search for 'closest' record. UserInterface Ongoing task normal 01/03/06

I need to dig up my notes on this -- Kevin Reardon had asked for the ability to search for the file that was 'closest' to a given time ... of course, this could also be used to get the 'most recent' file, which has been asked for by Dominic Zarro, as well.

This is a placeholder ... I should have most of the discussion in e-mail. (w/ dominic in Dec. 2005, w/ Kevin, about the time I started writing the IDL client)

#158 Add NSO data to the VSO DP:NSO Ongoing enhancement normal 09/21/10
6.- Add NSO data
       .- GONG data, including coefficients etc
       .- NSO atlases (maybe treat them as catalogs  or another product ??)
       .- SMIE
       .- ISOON
       .- DUNN stokes polarimeter?
       .- Mount Wilson Magnetograms??
       .- Add Synoptic Maps  across the board
           ** The above would require being able to search by "Data Type"
       .- SOLIS Vector Magnetograms and FDP data

#166 Cart API Cart Ongoing enhancement normal 09/29/10

Implement a shopping cart API, so that we can implement shopping cart submission / retrieval in IDL or other clients.

#201 Create an IDL to java bridge example that passes and receives a array of strings IDLClient Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

The point of this exercise is to assess the possibility of creating a java based downloader that can be called from IDL in any platform. In this initial test we will try to pass back and forth an array of Strings.

jennifer (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#168 monitoring of JSOC nodes (unfiled) Ongoing enhancement normal 09/29/10

Need some way to get consistent reports from JSOC nodes (subscription status, mirroring status, if different parts are communicating, etc.), and a place to aggregate/federate the reports.

#14 Provider Documentation DataProvider Ongoing task normal 06/08/05
Provider Documentation
    Update everything (currently pod in DataProvider.pm)
    FAQ about what's required.

#134 spatial searches UserInterface Ongoing enhancement normal 01/03/06

Test 'spatial' searches ... probably use SOHO, TRACE, or RHESSI as test candidates. Will need to implement a backend (all three use heliocentric cartesian coordinates), and some sort of a UI, as there currently isn't one. (could possibly use the IDL or other command line client for testing)

#185 Catalog updates Catalogs Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Parse & cron entry of different events into our database. E.g. NOAA active regions, RHESSI catalog, GOES flare list (2 energy ranges), CME list. In CVS, there is a “catalogs” directory. Make a central repository of daily updates of catalogs, distribute these every night. After catalog updates task has been completed, Pull HEK list. Get help from Alisdair.

#191 Make an AIA Movie Data Provider DataProvider Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Search AIA daily movies, running daily difference movie.

Alisdair suggests we create a daily movie and easy enough to incorporate into data providers which are not SDO, as a data product. Barbara is generating these… Keeps them for AIA, EVE, HMIx3. Sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/assets/img/dailymov from June 2010. Alisdair's movies are more calibrated. So we will start with Barbara's and see if we can move up to Alisdair's better quality movies. Joe and Jennifer add Barbara's movies as a provider. Use Niles' document/code tutorial. May need a KW or aliases in IDL to support it (data type or layout “movie”).

#195 Improve all our documentation Documentation Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Documentation is not as clear and easy as possible. Requests for examples in code! We particularly need search explanations and a better “vso manual”, sort of like “vso for dummies” (Jennifer).

Get usages cases distributed among the scientists? Update wiki with new Intro and then organize with the new TOC. Usage cases and IDL searching still in work.

#196 Annoying header on scrolling long list of records found. Header should be static instead of constantly redrawing. FormBuilder Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Ugly HTML on the scrolling header. Alisdair has an info pop-up that should be on the web site. View source/save as, work locally, try changes locally but do to jquery/javascript and then send to Igor.

joe (34 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#139 way to 'push' changes to UIs or instances (unfiled) Ongoing enhancement normal 01/25/06

(I thought I already had a ticket on this, but I can't find it ... if this is a duplicate, I appologize)

We need a way of pushing changes to both instances and user interfaces without system administrator involvement.

My basic thoughts on the process --

  • connect to a central server (rsync, CVS, HTTP, FTP, whatever), and grab updated files
  • run some sort of sanity check on the files (VSO_keywords -- make sure the version format hasn't changed; for registry/webui_config, make sure it parses as XML)
  • back up the existing files
  • put the files into place
  • kick the webserver ... (may be necessary for mod_perl or fast_cgi based servers so they use the new data)

We can mirror the data in two places, or via more than one protocol, and have the system fail back to a secondary location.

Changes to code should still be done by a sysadmin -- this is only for configuration files and the like.

#18 Data Provider / Instance monitoring Central Server enhancement normal 06/08/05

Data Provider / Instance monitoring

#68 Search on last modified date (unfiled) Ongoing enhancement minor 06/08/05

Search on last modified date

#115 Negated queries Core New Web Interface enhancement minor 07/06/05

The ability to send special 'negated' queries, so that we can ask that we specifically don't get a dataset, without needing to specify all of the datasets that we do want.

For instance, if we already have EIT info, and now we want to go back and get all all EUV images that AREN'T from EIT, we might ask for

<instrument>! EIT</instrument>
<nickname>EUV image</nickname>

Something of this nature may be necessary as we begin interconnecting VxOs, so that EGSO can call us, and specify 'provider != EGSO' or the equivalent.

#130 alternate range matching DataProvider Ongoing concern minor 10/17/05

Give users the ability to specify specific ranges, rather than just attempting an intersection match. (mostly for spectral ranges, may also be useful for time ranges)

#3 Clean up CSS support UserInterface Ongoing task normal 06/08/05
Clean up CSS support
    (no inline styles; allow for overriding)
    (remove unused sections)
    (lots of smaller includes, rather than one large one)

#7 Inheritable FormBuilder FormBuilder New Web Interface enhancement normal 06/08/05
Inheritable FormBuilder
    (I don't remember why I said this... maybe so we could
    override specific parts, like for catalog to adjust the
    default time?)

#11 Populate Data Layout for everyone DataProvider task normal 06/08/05

Populate Data Layout for everyone

#17 Complex tests for all installers. (unfiled) enhancement normal 06/08/05

Complex tests for all installers.

#31 CELIAS: check the spectral range. DP:SDAC concern normal 06/08/05
    check the spectral range.

#38 Cookies to keep track of views/columns/sort options (unfiled) New Web Interface enhancement normal 06/08/05
Cookies to keep track of views/columns/sort options
    (need to set up servers in 'virtualsolar.org' domain)
    (need to get waivers from OMB for nasa servers)
    (line item for the budget proposal?)

#40 GOES-SXI cleanup DP:NGDC enhancement normal 06/08/05
    exp_time is important   (exposure time).

#41 GOES movies DP:NGDC task normal 06/08/05
    make the movies available. (see the movie table)

#46 movie player -- aspect ratio (unfiled) enhancement normal 06/08/05
Movie player --
    maintain aspect ratio of images (for non-squares)

#47 movie player -- big movies (unfiled) enhancement normal 06/08/05
Movie player --
    ability to get 'big' movies (for KANZ, etc.)

#58 all of SOHO in situ is level0 DP:SDAC task normal 06/08/05

all of SOHO in situ is level0

#67 Automatic failover (unfiled) enhancement normal 06/08/05

Automatic failover:

  • User interfaces
  • Core

#70 Drill down UI FormBuilder New Web Interface enhancement normal 06/08/05
Drill down
    (if you select a spectral range, then only show instruments
    that support that spectral range)
    (will require a whole lot of javascript, or round trips.)
    (maybe something for a java client?)
    (line item for the budget proposal?)

#75 How do we return data that's _not_ a file? GetData Ongoing concern normal 06/08/05
How do we return data that's _not_ a file?
    (eg, all values are currently in a database)
    (URL-FILE, but dynamically generate the file?)

#77 Intersection of data sets across instruments (unfiled) New Web Interface enhancement normal 06/08/05
Intersection of data sets across instruments
    (both pointing and time)
    (eg, show me all times when RHESSI and TRACE were
    observing the same region)

#90 HLH south pole data DP:SHA Ongoing enhancement normal 06/09/05

Regarding the South Pole data, by which is meant the data from the High-L Helioseismometer: we have HLH data in the Stanford archive from Kitt Peak from 1993.03.30 through 1994.01.08 and from the South Pole for the period 1991.01.01 - 1991.01.12. However, the data need to be reorganized to fit well into the current database search & export model. I'll work on that.

#105 spectral range for VIRGO data DP:SDAC concern normal 06/14/05

In the registry there are several spectral ranges for VIRGO data. It is not completely clear to me, but it looks like the multispectral data are bundled together in FITS tables. Thus, each data record should in principle match all of the spectral ranges listed in the registry. But it looks like the VIRGO data do not much any selected spectral range. They all say N/A for minimum and maximum wavelength.

#137 EIT is not FULL_DISK for all observations DP:SDAC Ongoing defect normal 01/18/06

In talking to Barbara Thompson today, she mentioned that not all EIT images are from the full CCD, and some are only partial -- whch would mean that EIT had some partial disk images.

She mentioned there was a FITS header that has either 'FULL FOV' or 'PARTIAL FOV' in it, and she'd try to track down an image or two so I could compare it to what's in the database.

#140 better labels for info. urls UserInterface Ongoing enhancement normal 01/25/06

in show_details, for an instrument, we may have URLs for provider/observatory/instrument, but they're not clearly labeled, and they may not be apparent from the URLs themselves.

Also, there may be times when an instrument doesn't have a page that collects all of the necessary information to do science with the data, and it may be useful to provide for labeling the individual URLs.

(eg, the NRL folks have asked for a link to their database, for anyone who might want to perform searches on SECCHI data that isn't possible through VSO's interface ... this might require making the URLs more apparent from the VSO, as they're somewhat hidden right now)

#144 Alternate time entry FormBuilder New Web Interface enhancement normal 02/23/06

Some folks don't like the time pulldowns ... maybe allow one or two of the alternatives from the 'busy' example:


#154 GOES 13 data coming online soon DP:NGDC Ongoing enhancement normal 07/26/06
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 11:05:30 -0600
From: Dan Wilkinson <Daniel.C.Wilkinson@...>
Subject: Changes in direct access to SXI data

This e-mail is being sent to the members of the SXI user community who 
access those data directly through the HTTP protocol.

The HTTP directory structure has been changed for GOES-12 and GOES-13, 
however, the old structure for GOES-12 will be supported indefinitely, 

This is the old structure used for GOES-12 only:

This is the new structure that supports both GOES-12 and GOES-13:

Access to GOES-13 browse images in PNG format is already enabled, 
however, access to the GOES-13 FITS data is restricted at this time.  
The decision regarding the release of GOES-13 FITS data will be made by 
Steven.Hill@... .

Dan Wilkinson

#162 'near' support in data providers DataProvider Ongoing enhancement normal 09/27/10

Need to go through and add 'near' support to all data providers.

#172 Extra size check for JSOC tarballs DP:JSOC Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

related to #161 --

Add a number of max range between min/max for each series, then a check in the CGI to abort if the range is too large. (might need two numbers ... one for rice vs. non-rice.)

#173 Create 'Data Landing Pages' Registry Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Use data.virtualsolar.org to create 'landing pages' for each 'data collection'.

Need input from 2014 SPD poster on how best to divide things up. Will need to add PPTIDs to each 'dataset' element in registry so we can unambiguously track them.

#174 Thumbnails for STEREO DP:SSC Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

#175 Thumbnails for SDAC_AIA DP:SDAC Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

#176 thumbnails for JSOC data DP:JSOC Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

#178 Re-enable Stanford Heliophysics Archive in VSO DP:SHA Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Stanford Heliophysics Archive is not included at present in VSO. Used to work but Stanford is migrating this data into a more "drms"-y format with stripped FITS headers separate from data.

#72 description of our holdings in SPASE Documentation Ongoing task normal 06/08/05
description of our holdings in SPASE
    (just to make sure that it can be done... if not,
    complain to the SPASE folks)

jonathan (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#189 Collect statistics AccessLog Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

Statistics –PRIORITY ONE. Especially need these for the API. VSO Core software is collecting statistics: what data requested, ip_addy of user and of vso server, full path to cgi called –tells which s/w access path-, date and time of query, method of call – query or get_data-, and query sent (e.g. instrument, time, eclipse, and summary of return “LMSAL IRIS 16/1 (records/megs)”) and return type. There is a circular dependency now between Core and Access_log -- Joe needs to fix it.

NSO has not installed yet –Igor/Niles?

Need to pull statistics to one place (Joe), cron to roll logs to an appropriate pull location (individuals at sites w/ log_rotate UNIX utility) and do a weekly mailer (Jennifer).

#199 Update data providers in CVS DataProvider Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

A lot of data providers desperately need updating in CVS. Need to commit changes.

niles (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#13 update MLSO data provider DP:MLSO Ongoing defect normal 06/08/05

update MLSO data provider

#179 JMD should notice and react to 403 codes JMD Ongoing enhancement normal 05/29/14

When web server is overloaded, it sends a 503 code, the JMD should acknowledge it and stop hammering the data provider/server.

#180 Put JMD priorities in order JMD Ongoing concern normal 05/29/14

See if the “user” priority versus “mirror” priority JMD flag is actually getting used in code.

#181 SUMS orphan file and record cleanups DP:JSOC Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Niles share cleanup scripts for finding and removing sums orphan records/files, get Jennifer to handle some database use changes in script

#182 Create new SOLIS data search web site DP:NSO Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Make preliminary study of SOLIS instrument GUI allowing users to search on a range of data (skimming the VSO). First investigate this, then maybe get rid of Oracle. Use XRT as an example. Use SOLIS as a template for perhaps redesigning the VSO with jquery, mongodb, ajax.

#184 Scanned Sac Peak film optical solar data DP:NSO Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Sac Peak film scans form 1950s to 1990s need to be date stamped & Optical Character Recognition. Consider zooniverse users?

#210 add Sac Peak DLSP data DP:NSO Ongoing task normal 05/29/14

Sac Peak DLSP (Dunn ; Defraction Limited SpectroPolarimeter?)

#243 Instrument specific searches should be accessible from within VSO UserInterface Ongoing enhancement normal 06/11/14

Some searches allow for instrument specific characteristics, as for the SAO (XRT) at :


But this is only linked to from an external page, see the "data" tab at :


Linking to these advanced searches internally to the VSO would be ideal.

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.