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Update DP::SHA for the new MDI in DRMS

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Component: DP:SHA Version: 1.4
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The MDI data has been moved into DRMS at Stanford years ago. As part of the effort to get a VSO website working at Stanford, Art and I worked on getting the VSO codebase at Stanford to server MDI data from DRMS.

Test website: vso3.stanford.edu

Five key updates were needed to get the MDI data to be served by the VSO codebase:

1) New proxy and uri namespace needed for SHA so the correct registry files for MDI are used.

2) The MDI series registry and pkg files needed to be updated to reflect the new methods needed for the DRMS version of MDI.

3) New versions of the Data Provider code SHA.pm and MDI.pm where needed so the records are processed correctly.

4) Shadow tables for each of the MDI series needed to be created and their associated triggers installed, with particular attention paid to the field "fileid" in the shadow tables.

5) Use of a new C code Art wrote to more flexibly handle tar-ing of FITS files.

Initial version of code correctly searched and downloaded MDI data from the Stanford test website on 03/20/18.

List of New/Updated? Files:

Config.xml --new variables for SHA

(will need an update to Config.pm for that to work at SDAC/NSO not needed right away)

DataProvider?/SHA.pm --this is new for SHA DataProvider?/SHA/Registry.pm --ditto

DataProvider?/SHA/Registry/data/*.xml --registry files for MDI

DataProvider?/SHA/Series/MDI.pm --new for SHA DataProvider?/SHA/Series/mdi*.pm --updated MDI series pkgs

DataProvider2.pm --added use lib UserInterface?.pm --ditto UserAgent?.pm --ditto

UserInterface?/CARTUI.pm --fix for cart email

/var/www/cgi-bin/drms-export-sha.cgi --new for SHA

(called by User, arg list constructed by SHA.pm together with MDI.pm and the mdi*.pm series pkgs)

/var/www/cgi-bin/SHAi --new for SHA

(top-level CGI which starts the search process off)

C code: drms-export-to-stdout.c

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Documentation is at wiki entry:


Marking this as "Fixed" Just needs Art to commit and move into production at Stanford.

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