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SDO6 testing

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Goddard server sdo6 needs testing from extermal sources for both load testing and basic "can I see you" testing. This needs to be done in Python and IDL.

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comment:1 Changed 4 weeks ago by ed

Three types of test need to be done to confirm sdo6 will fully function in production.

1) Website Query Test:

Adjust the Registry file on vso1 to permit testing of sdo6 with an AIA query.

Tested successfully once the line "Require all granted" was added to Apache's perl.conf config file for directory /var/www/mod_perl.

2) Python query from SunPy:

Adjusted my installation of SunPy to route the query to my local test VSO where, in turn, the AIA query is routed to sdo6 instead of sdo4. SOAP Query does go off to sdo6 correctly, gets redirected to use https correctly, then fails due to a handshake error in SSL.

Checked the CAs on sdo6 via openssl s_client -connect sdo6.nascom.nasa.gov:443 and they seem fine. The issue may be local to my test env.

Setting up a 2nd test env on my CentOS 6.8 partition for further testing.

3) IDL/SSW (SolarSoft) query:

Adjusted my SSW configuration to use sdo6. Initial http query hits sdo6, gets redirected correctly to https. Final call to the main mod_perl CGI script JSOCi never occurs on sdo6, whereas it does on sdo4. No error messages in either ssl_error_log or modsec_audit.log occur.

Cleared up a couple of warnings in the Apache ssl_error_log after moving the ScriptAlias? commands further up in the perl.conf config file.

Once the JSOCi script is executed, we should get data returned, once Postgres can be logged into.

Continuing to work on debugging the IDL/SSW query.

NOTE: AIA query used is for 12/17/17, for which we have data on both sdo4 & sdo6.

comment:2 Changed 3 weeks ago by ed

Update to Test #2 (SunPy):

Got the new test env Apache installation to correctly respond to remote queries via browsers. Testing uncovered an additional test that will need to be added to the VSO install script to test for the "other" execute privilege on the parent directory of the target install folder.

Now getting an error from the Python query lookup during the first "hop" to the test env, before the final "hop" to sdo6.

comment:3 Changed 3 weeks ago by alisdair

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