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SMM / CP for years 1981 - 1989 seem to be missing from HAO DB

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1980 has data:

mysql> select INSTRUMENT, count(*) from tbl_1980 group by INSTRUMENT; +------------+----------+ | INSTRUMENT | count(*) | +------------+----------+ | mk3 | 42732 | | smm | 58301 | +------------+----------+ 2 rows in set (0.10 sec)

Other years do not.

Emailed Travis asking about the whereabouts of the data.

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UPDATE. Got an email from Joan. No data for 1981-3 due to the spacecraft not operating.

Data resumed after the repair in 1984. There is data for 1984-9 and 1980.

However, doing a search for a date range where there is data returns a 404.

Likewise, an error is seen at the HAO page:


for SMM / CP 5/1/84 -- 5/11/84

I've emailed Travis. My guess is the CGI script has moved. Or didn't get moved to the new machine.

comment:2 Changed 2 months ago by ed

Heard back from Joan. Depending on the day, for years when data is available, the database isn't populated with data. It may be an issue with the web data delivery job/logic.

Joan will look into the logic w/Dan and Mike.

She found a day in 1984 where there was data. The SMM page at HAO does indeed show data for 8/17/84. I was able to download a FITS file just fine.

I get a 404 from the VSO website for that same date, so either the CGI is missing, or didn't get moved, or a cronjob failed on their side.

Travis will look into it next week when he gets back from vacation.

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