16:31 Ticket #342 (Move developer chat to a hosted platform?) created by alisdair
Our primary interaction method involves the developer chat. With VSO03 …
16:27 Ticket #341 (VSO03 @ NSO down) created by alisdair
VSO03 has been down since yesterday afternoon. I suspect another hardware …
11:20 Ticket #265 (Set up vso02 as a backup to vso03 at NSO) closed by niles


13:20 Ticket #294 (Create an About VSO page for NSO) closed by alisdair
fixed: Sent words for new VSO page at NSO to Claire The Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO) project is led by Dr Frank Hill at NSO. VSO is a research tool that allows scientists to search for solar and heliospheric physics data. Users search existing databases for terrestrial and space-based observations, hiding the details of where the data is and what’s needed to get it. A researcher can use the VSO to search across multiple instruments and events, to find datasets of interest, and having done that, transparently download them to their workstation. The VSO web and data interfaces are a singular model mirrored across multiple sites including the National Solar Observatory, NASA's Solar Data Archive Center, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and Stanford University. The data archives themselves are distributed, often residing with the groups that designed, built and used the instruments to collect the data, leveraging the expertise required to fully exploit the data. VSO provides access to observations from sources as diverse as NASA’s space-borne Solar Dynamics Observatory and the ground-based GONG instrument network. Observations go back nearly 100 years, such as from the Mt Wilson 60ft spectro-heliograph. We are proud of our international partnerships and we are always looking to serve more data whenever possible. A current list of our data providers can be found at http://vso.nso.edu/cgi-bin/vso/show_details?keyword=PROVIDER There are many ways to use the VSO to search and download data. The main two ways are: 1.Via our web interface and 2.via our IDL interface in SolarSoft. Because we publish our API, users can use their favorite programming language to access the VSO including SunPy and WSDL. For more information please see docs.virtualsolar.org.


15:30 Ticket #340 (vsoui not coping with decimal in wave range - core bug?) created by niles
This vsoui URL with integer wavelengths in Angstroms works : …
15:22 Ticket #338 (ISOON data provider doing funnies) closed by niles
duplicate: What I'm seeing is that it looks like vsoui is only coping with integers for wavelengths in Angstroms. If in the URL : https://sdac.virtualsolar.org/cgi/vsoui?doAction=startyear&timerange=20110102000000-20110102235959&waverange=6562.4-6562.4Angstrom&datatype=IMAGE&physobs=intensity&pptid=10600&fileid=pptid%3d10600%3bdate%3d20110102000000-20110102235959&instrument=NSO.ISOON.ISOON I replace the : waverange=6562.4-6562.4Angstrom with : waverange=6000-7000Angstrom Then it works. But using the decimal point seems to stuff up the parsing of the wave range. I'm going to close this ticket and open another since I think this has less to do with the ISOON data provider and more to do with the core. So it looks like it may be a bug in the core - surprised we have not seen this before.
15:02 Ticket #339 (Disk replaced in vso03) closed by niles
fixed: Resolving although still have to get the new cold spare from Samsung
15:01 Ticket #339 (Disk replaced in vso03) created by niles
A Samsung SSD was replaced in vso03 on Monday, with all the paperwork this …
14:29 Ticket #338 (ISOON data provider doing funnies) created by niles
The ISOON data provider works OK if you do a single day search or a multi …
14:16 Ticket #337 (KPVT URLs reference DigiLib) closed by niles
fixed: This has been fixed. It also applied to McMath? and Evans. Basically NSO moved things around on us (with various degrees of success - I had to agitate to get the thumbnails back online). In the process of looking at it, though, I've noticed an issue with ISOON data, but that's another ticket.
08:59 Ticket #336 (Server monitoring) closed by jacob
fixed: Testing of the monitoring scripts went well, I'm going to change the target email to help@…. The scripts run on a 30 minute cron, an email will only go out if there has been any change to the last message, for example if you fix something or something else broke. I'll be updating the readme for these files, which are centralized in vso1: /usr/local/scripts/sys_test/


14:41 Ticket #337 (KPVT URLs reference DigiLib) created by niles
Jacob's monitoring showed an issue - The Kitt Peak Vacuum Telescope URLs …
11:15 Ticket #309 (Attempting to download MDI data from Stanford is not working) closed by jacob
fixed: SHA seems to have come back up, I wish I could take credit for this one but I didn't do anything. Maybe when JSOC rebooted a couple weeks ago it came back.
11:12 Ticket #336 (Server monitoring) created by jacob
I wrote a brief python script that checks a couple of sample urls on many …


12:31 Ticket #7 (Inheritable FormBuilder) closed by joe
fixed: I did this a while back for STEREO, but we never put in the 'STEREO specific' UI. It's filed under 'WebUI' in cvs. also see vso/WebUI/examples/stereo It could probably be cleaner, but I'll consider that to be an enhancement, as this is technically done.
12:25 Ticket #3 (Clean up CSS support) closed by alisdair
wontfix: This is subsumed into ticket 291 as part of the new interface design.
11:22 People/JoeHourcle edited by joe
10:52 Ticket #335 (Create a URL-metalink download method) created by joe
Have the Core take the list of URLs from a dataprovider and generate a …
09:24 Ticket #133 (search for 'closest' record.) closed by joe
fixed: Done in the API using 'near', but not all data providers support it (see ticket #162), nor do all clients (webui redesign)
09:04 Ticket #313 (vso_info help points to Joe H. as the point of contact) closed by alisdair
fixed: Fixed. Changes were made by Dominic.


10:48 Ticket #333 (Attempting to generate URL file listing for VSO Cart ...) closed by joe
fixed: It looks like newer carts are owned by 'wwwrun', not 'wwwnso'. And it seems that the results of the GetData call are saved back to the cart. In Cart/UserInterface.pm: […] so, as it seems to be legit, I fixed the permissions.


20:08 Ticket #334 (Serve out ROB's sun drawings) created by joe
If you take the NOAA drawings ( #304 ) , SIDC might get jealous -- they …
19:40 Ticket #333 (Attempting to generate URL file listing for VSO Cart ...) created by alisdair
While checking on the current abilities of carts attempted to download …
15:36 Ticket #169 (IDL vso_get -- incorrect size returned) closed by alisdair
wontfix: Closing this ticket because there does not seem to be an issue. Will reopen if the problem resurfaces.
15:34 Ticket #235 (Find notes from past tech meetings.) closed by joe
fixed: Notes from Feb 2008 (possibly sent in advance of the meeting, but has some additions to the Nov 2006 tech meeting) This was also the basis for the poster "Finding Data Using Event and Feature Catalogs in the VSO" at the 2009 SPD meeting : https://sdac.virtualsolar.org/catalogs/jhourcle_SPD_2009.pdf […]
15:33 Ticket #192 (Create dedicated site for YLA with updated Yohkoh data) closed by alisdair
fixed: Dedicated site for YLA data exists at MSU.
15:20 Ticket #204 (YLA update) closed by alisdair
14:57 People/JoeHourcle edited by joe
09:26 Ticket #332 (Yohkoh data provider is broken) closed by alisdair
fixed: Keiji reinstated access to the Yohkoh CGI at MSU.


15:47 Ticket #332 (Yohkoh data provider is broken) created by alisdair
The Yohkoh data provider is broken. Attempting to contact the data …
12:39 Ticket #331 (Handling of fractional times is inconsistent between various VSO ...) created by alisdair
In fixing ticket 254 it was noted that the handling of fractional …
12:33 Ticket #254 (IDL calls to KSO data provider return wrong date format) closed by alisdair
fixed: The KSO data provider was returning the dates in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. Changed this to return YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. tend originally just added exposure to date_obs. However this defined tend to contain milliseconds which chokes the web interface. This will need to be addressed if the VSO wants to handle millisecond times. The solution was to return CEIL(date_obs+exposure). Though this always rounds up it is consistent with the VSO being inclusive.
11:58 Ticket #329 (VSO03 @ NSO down) closed by niles
fixed: It looks like just before midnight on Friday the RAID controller got into a dreadful state. When I came in I could ping the machine but not login. It was frozen at the console. Hitting the reset button caused it to come back and say that it had no 3ware card. Finally pulled the plug(s) out of the back of the machine, waited 30 sec and plugged it back in and it came back. Immediately started rebuilding its RAID die to one disk it detected as bad. The rebuild is now complete and it's running. We'll see.
09:03 Ticket #330 (System monitoring at NSO) created by alisdair
It appears that VSO03 has been down for a few days with people being …
08:56 Ticket #329 (VSO03 @ NSO down) created by alisdair
VSO search, data providers and chat at NSO are currently down.


14:39 201810_techMeet created by niles
14:27 Various edited by niles
12:42 Ticket #328 (Turned off slony log copying from SAO) closed by alisdair
12:42 Ticket #328 (Turned off slony log copying from SAO) created by alisdair
The slony logs are no longer being applied at SAO following the failure of …
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