12:40 Ticket #323 (STEREO & AIA data not coming back on sunpy) reopened by jacob
Reopening because the same problem is back. After a little testing I have some information: The problem either exists in the core code or in the definition of the "$vso" object in the wsdl. The vso object in the wsdl cgi is defined as follows: our $vso = Physics::Solar::VSO::Core->new(tpool=>$tpool); Where $tpool is: our $tpool = Physics::Solar::VSO::Utils::ThreadPool?->new(4); The last line of code that runs in the cgi script is line 87: my @res = $vso->Query({version => $version, block => $block}); Which calls a member function of the vso object (Query), however prints from the first lines of Query in Core.pm do not show up in a live log file, meaning that the process never reaches Query in Core.pm. This leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the definition of the $vso object, but since we are seeing timeouts and not internal server errors. I also think there could be an issue with VSO::Utils::ThreadPool?.


09:25 Ticket #323 (STEREO & AIA data not coming back on sunpy) closed by jacob
09:25 Ticket #323 (STEREO & AIA data not coming back on sunpy) created by jacob
For a while any queries from SunPy to vso03 boulder were timing out. …


08:36 Ticket #322 (API for keywords) created by niles
It would be nice if the keywords file was made available to the public …


08:52 Ticket #315 (KSO data not searchable from IDL commandline.) closed by ed


10:39 Ticket #321 (Address Dead Links on the Website) created by jacob
There are several dead links on the website, some of which point to …


12:57 Ticket #278 (Need https://vso1.nascom.nasa.gov/docs/wiki to redirect to ...) closed by jacob


14:25 Ticket #320 (Add Hi-C II data to MSFC data provider) created by alisdair
The Hi-C II data should be available for inclusion by the end of the year. …
14:15 Ticket #319 (Add CLASP data to VSO) created by alisdair
Emailed Amy to find out about the status of the CLASP data. […]
12:56 Ticket #13 (update MLSO data provider) closed by ed


14:10 Ticket #318 (SMM / CP for years 1981 - 1989 seem to be missing from HAO DB) created by ed
1980 has data: mysql> select INSTRUMENT, count(*) from tbl_1980 group by …
13:36 Ticket #317 (Added gurman to list of trac users) closed by alisdair
13:36 Ticket #317 (Added gurman to list of trac users) created by alisdair
Created an account for Joe G. to directly log tickets.
10:27 Ticket #316 (The VSO feedback page does not work) created by alisdair
The VSO feedback page does not work. Filling out the fields and hitting …


16:31 Ticket #315 (KSO data not searchable from IDL commandline.) created by alisdair
A search for KSO data works with the web interface but for some reason is …


11:50 Ticket #248 (sohocat -- indexing) closed by jacob
fixed: Moved the statement that indexes id_instrume before deletes in observation.sql. Ran an update and it works fine. This was probably just a performance improvement for the soho updating script.


13:51 Ticket #314 (505 errors on _every_ attemopt to download AIA synoptic (1024 x 1024) FITS ...) closed by jennifer
12:48 Ticket #314 (505 errors on _every_ attemopt to download AIA synoptic (1024 x 1024) FITS ...) created by alisdair
Joe G reports "Now getting 505 errors on _every_ attempt to download AIA …[…]
11:58 Ticket #251 (ssc_tarball error messages) closed by jacob
wontfix: I'm going to go ahead and close this guy as won't fix, after some fairly-comprehensive testing it seems like the taring code is working just fine for ssc. I can't determine why it's important for the error messages to exceed 1 kB: I'm sure there's a perfectly valid reason but it's more risky for me to meddle with the error handling code without an understanding of what the problem is than just to leave it in a presumably-functional state, especially when it comes to manual memory allocation which can quickly become troublesome.
10:10 Ticket #250 (ssc -- check recovery dates for STEREO-A) closed by jacob
fixed: Changed _update_stereo.sql so that '7' data does not show up in vso results after the end of the solar conjunction, 2015-11-09.
08:13 Ticket #290 (Weirdness w/ sot update.sh:) closed by jacob
worksforme: SOT updates normally, data comes back in queries. The database is monitored by my scripts if a problem does arise in the future.


12:56 Ticket #313 (vso_info help points to Joe H. as the point of contact) created by alisdair
The vso_info routine points to Joe H as the point of contact. This should …[…]
12:53 Ticket #312 (/instruments keyword not accepted by vso_info.) created by alisdair
Despite what it says in the help (see below), the IDL command vso_info …
10:44 Ticket #311 (Establish sun drawing history) created by niles
Contact NOAA, try to establish the history of the sun drawings at …


09:04 Ticket #220 (add Wendelstein Observatory data) closed by alisdair
duplicate: Closing out this ticket. It has been superseded by ticket 304.


16:07 Ticket #310 (MDI data at SDAC) created by alisdair
Is the version of LOS_magnetic_field MDI data being served at SDAC the …
15:47 Ticket #309 (Attempting to download MDI data from Stanford is not working) created by alisdair
[…] also in the IDL interface […]


10:03 Ticket #293 (Downloading HMI data fails when no attribute vso.Physobs is provided) closed by alisdair
fixed: Jacob's PR was accepted with modification. See https://github.com/sunpy/sunpy/pull/2621 for details.
10:02 Ticket #293 (Downloading HMI data fails when no attribute vso.Physobs is provided) reopened by alisdair


09:02 Ticket #308 (Web log into database) created by niles
Just something I'm intrigued by - it may be worth ingesting the web log of …
07:19 Ticket #302 (NGDC data provider issues) closed by niles
fixed: This ticket snowballed into issues that are now better covered by tickets 305, 306 and 307. I'm resolving it because the basic issue of the many FTS files in CVS under vso/DataProviders/NGDC/indexes has been addressed. It has been established that the files are not useful and they have been removed, although I did retain 10 of them (out of the ~7K we had in CVS).


14:46 Ticket #307 (SDAC GOES data) created by niles
The SDAC has GOES flare data online at : …
14:41 Ticket #306 (NCEI archival drawings) created by niles
NCEI has PDF files of sun drawings online under : …
14:35 Ticket #305 (NCEI data provider for GOES SXI data) created by niles
There are GOES SXI data for goes at NCEI, see …
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