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SDAC Server Shutdown Procedure


1) Push out a registry change to sdac.xml to toggle the available state to 0 (marks all sources/instruments under SDAC as unavailable)

2) Edit registry file jsoc.xml locally to change the proxy from SDAC production machine (sdoN) to the NSO machine. (this will send all AIA/HMI requests to NSO instead of sdoN)

3) Stop the JMD daemon

4) Shutdown the sums daemon and the sum_rm daemon

5) Comment out the slony line in cron for any server (including backups) that is keeping up replication

6) Confirm that the above processes (JMD,, sum_rm and slony) have all been stopped

6) Do the maintenance

7) Restore the server by reversing the steps above. Before reversing steps above, make sure disk mounts are in place to any remote/NFS mounted disks used by the sums system.