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     1= How can I get a URL to the data products that I've found? = 
     3If you are using the VSO Web Interface, please follow the instructions in HowToDownload, and make sure that you select a [wiki:DataTransferMethod data transfer method] that begins with [wiki:MethodUrl URL]. 
     7If you are connecting through the [wiki:VsoAPI VSO API], you should read the documentation on GetData, and send the appropriate method.  You can always send the method [wiki:MethodUrl URL], and the data provider will respond with the URL sub-types that it supports.  You may also send a list of methods, so that you can attempt to avoid a second round trip. 
     9For instance, you might send the following values in the method array: 
     11  * URL-TAR_GZ 
     12  * URL-ZIP 
     13  * URL-FILE 
     14  * URL 
     16This tells the you would most prefer a URL to a gziped tarball, but would also accept a URL to a zip file or a URL to individual files.  If the data provider doesn't support it, it should report back with what URL subtypes it supports.  If it doesn't support any URL types, it will respond back with a list of its supported transfer methods.