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Latest VSO News

Currently Unavailable Instruments - Updated 18-Mar-2019
  • CLIMSO (OMP) - an updated data provider is being tested and CLIMSO data should be available again in a few days.
  • SoHO/MDI (Stanford) - Should be available again shortly.
  • Hinode/SOT (SDAC) - Should be available again shortly.
  • Chrotel (KIS) - archive is being redone. Should be available again the end of April, 2019.
  • OBSPM (Nançay) - this data is being actively worked on and should be back in production in a couple of weeks.
  • HANET (BBSO) - H-alpha net is currently down following updates by NJIT/BBSO folks. All the H-alpha data from Kanzelhoehe (KSO) is fully available through a separate data provider. This is being actively worked on with NJIT/BBSO.
  • SFO (Stanford) - No ETA on returning this data provider to production.
  • OVRO (Stanford) - No ETA on returning this data provider to production.
  • GOES-12 (NGDC) - No ETA on returning this data provider to production.
There are issues this morning with the VSO at Stanford. They are affecting the availability of SoHO/MDI data. MDI datasets contain 60s Full-Disk Dopplergrams, 96m Full-Disk Magnetograms, and 6h Full-Disk Continuum average are available from the SDAC data provider. We will update when these issues are resolved.
Just a reminder to folks using older versions of IDL (Pre 8.3 - Jan 2014). These versions do not support HTTPS. NASA has a mandated required to use HTTPS which means all files at the SDAC are routed to HTTPS. Earlier IDL versions will not be able to download these files. If you are wanting to download SDO data you can force the VSO to use NSO to deliver the files to you (via HTTP) by using
IDL> b = vso_get(a, site='NSO')
KIS/ChroTel data is not currently available from the VSO. The ChroTel? archive is currently being overhauled and a new archive should be online by the end of April 19.
We have recovered the Mt Wilson Ca II K archive data. The digitized fits files are now available again from NSO. This covers data from 1915-1985. We are working on updating the documentation, which should be done shortly.