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Potential discussion items for October 2018 VSO tech meeting :

  1. Need a way to turn off data from a single site (at the moment can only do this through registry)
  2. What should a "ping" return at various levels?
  3. Need a way to post messages on the VSO web page (as well as Facebook)
  4. Languages, frameworks, tools for data providers, VSO re-write
  5. SDO Downloads : Lies, damn lies, and statistics
  6. Returning results from compact but mission-long data atoms :

For TSI data sets such as SOHO VIRGO’s, there are level 1 FITS(ish) files with measurements taken every minute, as well as a mission-long (1995 December 4 or so until most recently processed data), calibrated product. Forgetting for the moment about the weird (ASCII) contents of those files, something we’re planning to correct, there’s the VSO issue that when a user requests a long time window of such data, he/she gets a return of whatever the maximum number of the level 1 files allowed is, but not necessarily the entire data set file — which is what 99.9% of the users actually want. Same for other data sets where one, or a few, data points per day is adequate for most of the science done with the instrument.