Contact the VSO

There are a number of ways to contact the VSO. The most immediate way is via group email:

You can also use the two google groups and to ask questions or suggestions. You are also invited to our facebook VSO page  Facebook VSO, where you can make questions, comments and see the latest about data status and development.

You can also contact the various team members directly:

Georgia State University

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

  • Alisdair Davey, Scientist/Programmer/Analyst

National Solar Observatory, NOAO

  •  Frank Hill, Project Scientist
  • Niles Oien, Programmer/Analyst

Solar Data Analysis Center, NASA/Goddard

  •  Joe Gurman, Project Scientist (Primary Science Contact)
  • Joe Hourclé, Programmer/Analyst (Primary Technical Contact)
  • Jennifer Spencer, DBA/Programmer)

Stanford Helioseismology Archive

This list does not include the many other people who have worked on this project.