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VSO Technical Meeting Reports

The following are historical reports from past VSO technical meetings:

2005 October 28, teleconference

Notes from a teleconference to discuss to how to approach VOTable compatability.

2005 May, New Orleans

Not a technical meeting, but a report of comments made at the VSO booth at the Spring 1005 AGU/SPD meeting, regarding version 1.2.

This and lists from other VSO team members were used to populate the Ticket Tracking System.

2004 December 15, Stanford, CA

A report of modications, both planned and potential, from 15 December, 2004, regarding version 1.0.

Notes along the left side give time estimates and priorities given the funding level at the time.

2004 August/September?, Stanford, CA

The programmers met at Stanford to discuss how to handle some of the more complicated issues that they were having with version 0.7 (never released).

Meeting notes are available. Planned actions are at the end.

2004 June, Denver AAS meeting

During the AAS meeting, Alisdair, Igor and Joe H. had a mini technical meeting, and took notes from a BoF session, regarding version 0.6.

The notes from that meeting are currently lumped together.

2004 April 28, Stanford, CA

The programmers met at Stanford to discuss improvements to version 0.5, which resulted in plans to dramatically change the VSO's internals.

A summary report is available.