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Protocol Resources

The following are links to documentation, samples and surveys regarding the protocols used within VSO:

Web Services

Web Services is a generic term to refer to applications which expose APIs over the internet. SOAP is one protocol for implementing web services.

SOAP : Simple Object Access Protocol

SOAP is an attempt to standardize passing XML messages over the internet, to allow systems to interact with each other.

XML : eXtensible Markup Language

XML is a format for encoding data in a machine readable way, which can be further extended as needs arise.

HTTP : Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTP was a protocol original designed to serve web pages, but is also used as the common transport for web services.

WSDL : Web Services Description Language

WSDL is an XML format to describe how to interact with a web service. WSDL allows various programming tools to automate part of the process of writing client software to interact with web services.