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VSO Configuration Files

Although we hope to present a more automated way to receive updated files in the future, and we have a prototype in development to obtain information from the VSO Registry, the configuration files are currently distributed through CVS.

Relevent configuration files are filed under vso/Documentation/API .

Files which may be of interest are:

  • VSO_keywords.txt -- contains the keywords used by VSO in one central location to make it easier for User Interfaces to reload, rather than having to hard code everything
  • nickname.xml -- contains the nicknames supported by the VSO Web Interface
  • webui_config.xml -- contains connection information for known VSO Instance, and other information for the VSO Web Interfaces

Note -- the VSO interfaces listed in webui_config.xml do not play well with strictly typed languages (C, Java, etc.). Please see the VSO API page for a WSDL describing the strictly typed interface.