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Naming partitions to work with the sum_chmown program

The sum_chmown program requires that SUM partitions are named according to a convention. At one point in time, the file sum_chmown.c defined the naming convention that SUMS directories had to match as being :

#define PATTERN "^/SUM[0-9]*/D[0-9]+$"

This meant that a partition named "/SUM02" would be accepted, but "/SUMS02" would not. Later versions of NetDRMS changed this to :

#define PATTERN "^/SUM.*/D[0-9]+$"

Which only requires that the partition name starts with "/SUM".

If you have a partition that does not follow this convention, you can put in a symbolic link that does follow it. Alternatively, since sum_chmown is redundant if you are running as the production user, you may be able to move the sum_chmown executable to another name and then edit a script named sum_chmown that simply exits with non-error status if you are running it as the production user.

Following are some sample errors you may see corresponding to this "feature".

In the sums log file named sum_svc*.chmown:

/opt/netdrms7/source/bin/linux_x86_64//sum_chmown: non SUDIR /backup/test_sums/D614688297 ignored

This will usually have a corresponding error in the sums log file named sum_svc*.log:

SUM_put() id=2 for user=sums 1st sunum=614542404 reqcnt=1
SUM_put() id=0 for user=sums 1st sunum=614681208 reqcnt=1
SUM_put() id=1 for user=sums 1st sunum=614681206 reqcnt=1
**Warning: Error on: /opt/netdrms7/source/bin/sum_chmown /backup/test_sums/D614542404 1>> /var/log/sums//sum_svc_2014. 2>&1. errno=0
**Warning: Error on: /opt/netdrms7/source/bin/sum_chmown /backup/test_sums/D614681208 1>> /var/log/sums//sum_svc_2014. 2>&1. errno=0
**Warning: Error on: /opt/netdrms7/source/bin/sum_chmown /backup/test_sums/D614681206 1>> /var/log/sums//sum_svc_2014. 2>&1. errno=0