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Cart ID

The Cart ID is a string that can be used to identify a 'shopping cart' of previous data products of interest.

The VSO Cart stores both the query used to search for data products, and metadata about the selected data products.

VSO Cart IDs are typically of the form VSO-INSTANCE-DATE-SERIAL. For instance, VSO-SDAC-060217-064 is from 2006-Feb-17, on the SDAC VSO instance.

You can reload a cart by typing its ID into the search box on any VSO instance. Given a VSO Cart ID, you can proceed to download the data products or if they have browse images available, view a slideshow of the images.

Please Note : Some data providers use version agnostic identifiers. If the data provider applies new calibration to their data, it is possible that the data you obtained from a given Cart ID may have change over time.