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Privacy Policies

As each Data Provider is a seperate organizational entity from VSO, you should be aware of a particular Data Provider's privacy policies before giving them your personal information. Links to Data Providers is available from

VSO as an orgainization, being funded through NASA, is specifically restricted in the type of information that it may collect, and the duration for which it may keep it. Any User Information passed through a VSO Instance to a Data Provider will not be logged by VSO, although it is possible that it may be stored in memory during the transaction, and that it may be seen in the process of debugging any problems that may arise in the future.

Records will be kept of the quantity and nature of the requests made through VSO, in an attempt to perform system monitoring, capacity planning, and to use these metrics in an attempt to persuade additional data repositories to join the VSO project or to provide insight into features that may be of use to the user community. Metrics will also be used to justify our budget at necessary reviews.

These records and metrics will be kept in such a way as to not identify individual persons, but instead to record trends and similar behaviour of the system.