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Why do I get fewer records than I was expecting when I search?

There are a few cases where you might get back fewer records than you had expected in a given search:

The Data Provider was unavailable, or did not respond in time

If this is the case, there should have been an error message reported. Look along the left side of the results screen for 'Search Status'.

In some cases, if the Data Provider timed out (took too long to respond), you can try repeating the same query, and it may have the results in memory.

The Data Provider limited the number of records they return in a single query

Look along the left side of the results screen for 'Rows Returned'. If the number returned from a given provider is less than the number found, you may want to try requesting smaller time ranges from that provider.

The VSO didn't know that data was available

VSO stores information about what data each data provider makes available. If new data is available, it might not be known across the system. You can see what VSO thinks a Data Provider's holdings are by clicking on the question mark next to the provider's name, or see the list of all providers.

The query expanded to an impossible condition

For particularly complex queries, there may be cases where no such data exists. (eg, EIT data from 1960). Nicknames complicate this, as system searches for records that match all conditions -- searching for 'White-light image' from '100-200 Angstrom' won't ever match, as 'White-light image' (3k to 10k Angstrom) doesn't intersect 100-200 Angstrom.

If you believe that the results for a given query is clearly in error, or would like to suggest particular cases for improvement, the easiest way to show us us the query and subsequent problem records is to do the following:

  1. Run the query in question
  2. Select the data products that you believe are in error
  3. Select 'Add to Shopping Cart'
  4. Copy the 'Cart ID' that is assigned to your cart.
  5. Contact us and let us know the nature of the complaint and the Cart ID.

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