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User Information Keywords

The VSO provides a number of keywords to describe information required by Data Providers to complete a request for Data Products.

For the most recent list of User Information Keywords, please see

As of the time of this writing, the keywords in use are as follows:


The e-mail address of the person requesting the data to be transfered. This is typically used to notify the requestor of completion or problems, or to coordinate cost recovery and other such details. Some Data Providers may use this or other information to identify unique users to their site to justify their budget. Please see our notes regarding Privacy Policies.


Either the fully qualified domain name, or a routable IP address of the system to transfer the Data Products to. Used by PUSH.


The user name that should be used to login to the system. If you wish to use anonymous FTP, please specify 'anonymous' or 'ftp' as appropriate to your system, and a suitable corresponding password.


The password that should be used to login to the system. Used by PUSH.


The system directory that files should be saved to. Some Data Providers may create sub-directories below this point. If the directory is root relative, it should be preceeded with a slash /. Used by PUSH.


The postal mailing address to send physical media to you. Used by OFFLINE.