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VSO Interfaces Through IDL

There are two sets of interfaces using RSI's Interactive Data Language. The first is a low-level VSO object, that can be extended for use in other programs. The second are commands for the general science public who wish to search for data products using the command line.

Both are available through SolarSoft, in the gen tree. The code used is pure IDL, and does not have any dependancies on other programming languages, but may be slow for exceptionally large arrays of metadata results.

User Tools

There are two functions available within IDL to search for data products:

  • vso_search : uses VSO to get a list of records that match given parameters
  • vso_get : will attempt to download available data products, given a list of records.

Programmer Tools

For programmers who wish to extend the VSO for use in their own code, there is a more low level interface, that uses IDL Objects in the VSO object?. Documentation is available through the IDL xdoc or doc_menu commands, as well as example usage in vso_search, vso_get or Dominic Zarro's EIT object.


Questions, comments or suggestions about the VSO interface in IDL should contact help@….